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Composition of English of earthquake of 46 class Sichuan is classical sentence p

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This Year, we, chinese People, really Have Suffered A Lot, from Snowstorm To Tibet Riot, from Torch Relay Event To Wenchuan Earthquake, however, we Have Not Been Defeated, instead, we've Become More United And Show Great Resolution To Overcome All Kinds Of Challenges To Make Our Country More Thriving And Prosperous.

This year, our China people sufferred really too much: Arrive from snow calamity Tibet is tempestuous, arrive from torch incident earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, but we never topple, become however more solidarity, be certain can endure all challenges, make our motherland more prosperous.

Rescuers Were Frantically Searching For More Survivors.

Rescuing group is exhausted can the ground searchs survivor.


This Earthquake Startled All Over The World.

This earthquake stuns a whole world.

─ ─ May All The Victims Rest In Peace! Don't Be Afraid. We'll Light The Candle To Bright Your Way To Heaven, where There Will Be No More Darkness, sorrow, pain And Tears. Farewell, my Dear Compatriots. . . ─ ─ May All The Survivors Walk Out Of This Tragedy Stonger. Remember, you're All Not Alone. We're Always Behind You. We Are Family! ─ ─ We Are Chinese! We Can Overcome Whatever Disaster With Our Great National Unity! Go, sichuan! Go China! We Will Be With You Forever.

The person that ─ ─ wishs to die rests! Do not fear. We can help you illume the candle will enlighten go the road of heaven, there is black lamp night no longer over, have bitterness no longer, have anguish no longer, have tear no longer. Had gone all the way, my dear brethren. . . ─ ─ wishs survival restores strongly to come over from this tragedy! Write down, you won't be alone. We can support you all the time. We are families! ─ ─ we are Chinese. Want us to unite only, we can conquer any disaster! Cheer, sichuan! Cheer! China! We are in together with you forever.


There Is No Love In Disaster, but We Have Love In Humans Heart.

Disaster is merciless, the person has feeling.

Millions Of People Gave Freely In Response To The Famine Appeal.

1 billion people answer appeal providing disaster relief and help sb generously with money.

That City Was Razed To The Ground By An Earthquake.

That city by seismic raze to the ground.

I Feel Very Sad To Heard About Earthquake What Has Happened In Sichuan Province Of China!

Hear Sichuan happening earthquake I feel very sad!


This Earthquake Give Us Very Strong Convulsion, let Us Feel That The Life Is So Chickenshit And Valued.Natural Affection And Good-fellowship Is So Costful, reputation And Benefit Is So Low-down. I Wish Every Friends Safe.

This earthquake brings very big shock to us. Let us feel: What? of cook over a slow fire of heir of   stitch the sole to the upper kisses affection and friendship is precious, the lowliness of name and benefit. Wish every friend is restful!
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