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Renown division shows the skill before 46 class are taken an examination of

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46 class exam should undertake immediately, a lot of friends are met certainly now extraordinary tension, in us among such time finally, are our 46 class taken an examination of? How should we prepare? A few relevant problems what kind of change to have again? Today's chat in the center arrive please for everybody the whole nation is famous 46 class coach expert Mr. Ding Xiaozhong undertakes with us the phone connects a line, will talk about the 46 class exam this year with all of us. Fourth teacher hello.

Ding Xiaozhong: Hello.

Compere: Make acoustical call to broad netizen first above all.

Ding Xiaozhong: Each netizen everybody is good, I am Ding Xiaozhong, very glad to be done for everybody today before taking an examination of answer doubt.

Compere: Does the exam that thinks the teacher that ask man talks about the 46 class whole this year to all of us above all have new change?

Ding Xiaozhong: 46 class used new problem June 23 this year model, without the change with big what, 6 class exam is pilot last new problem, it is this to be rolled out in the round, specific problem change without what.

Compere: Our problem still maintain steady progress, take an exam without old 46 course this year.

Ding Xiaozhong: Yes.

Compere: The 46 class exam this year is same day undertakes, be with a bit what differ before. Say 4 step first, how to say to take an examination of 4 class classmate to should undertake forring reference in last time to everybody?

Ding Xiaozhong: It is 4 class no matter still be 6 class, still a few days of right-and-left time were about to take an exam, suggest everybody does not want a try to attend to big and small matters all at once, all problems will be reviewed mainly, had better be the weakness that captures 9 you heavy perhaps bring out the theme it is better to will review.

Compere: You can distribute land to introduce simply to branch of all of us, resemble audition for example, resemble a composition be being waited a moment etc, will introduce us to be in finally this phase this how sprint?

Ding Xiaozhong: Take an exam 46 class this first inscribe roughly model say first with everybody. 4 class exam is 30 minutes take an examination of a composition above all, it is next 15 minutes read quickly, it is the audition that 35 minutes of time control next. Deepness is taken an examination of to read a portion after audition is taken an examination of, read a portion carefully namely, divide a problem model, one is fill a vacancy of canto vocabulary structure, namely 15 choose 10. It is two tradition is read next. After these two are taken an examination of, be to be over form fill a vacancy. After form fill a vacancy is taken an examination of, be over is to take an examination of an interpreter, the main problem that this is 4 class exam.

Taking an exam with 4 class before 6 class is same, read a part carefully to have bit of difference a little. Careful reading the first part 6 class are to take an examination of essay brief answer, 4 class take an exam be over what 6 class check part of form fill a vacancy is to change a fault, other is same. Everybody must divide heavy bring out the theme when review model, must inscribe the mark more model review as the key. E.g. interpreter and essay brief answer and 15 anthology the problem of 10 do not serve as a key, because these a few cent value is not great. But should be read carefully and write a composition to be reviewed as the key.
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