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The interview when applying for a job, be the basis that be recruited unit decides to whether want to delay the person that pull be recruited. In interview, except need to notice garment is convenient besides, fact of decent and conspicuous style of conversation is crucial place. How conversational content and manner, does ability make you show itself? We come to be the introduction that how begins her see Jennifer Wong:

Good Morning. It's A Pleasure For Me To Be Here In Front Of You To Present Myself. My Name Is Jennifer Wong, and I Am A Candidate For The Position Of Overseas Sales Representative.

My Background And Work Experience Are Tailor-made For This Position. I Studied Marketing As An Undergrad Here In Taiwan, and In 1995, I Received My MBA From The School Of Business, university Of Texas. For Five Years, I Have Utilized My Skills And Knowledge As The Assistant Director Of Exports For Magic Kitchen Supplies.

Action Appliances Is A Forward-looking Company. I Am Aware That You Are Expanding Into New Markets, particularly In The U.S. Thus You Are Going To Need Aggressive, take-charge Sales Representatives. At Magic Kitchen, during My Five Years There, we Expanded Our U.S. Market Share By 25% . This Is Just One Example Of My Ability To Go Out There And Sell Products.

A Position With Your Company Would Be Both A Learning Experience And A Great Opportunity. I Look Forward To Becoming Part Of The Action Team. Thank You.

Good in the morning. Very glad to can introduce oneself with everybody here: I am Jennifer Wong, come overseas business represents this be recruited.

My setting and working experience make my enough is competent the job that this business represents. I attend a college in Taiwan, major be on sale, 1995, I get from the business school of university of American heart state look forward to provides the Master's degree. Came 5 years in the past, I use my professional knowledge and mastery of a skill or technique, the export department vice director that holds the position of company of things of magical kitchen utensils and appliances one duty.

Company of Action electric equipment is the company of a stand high and see far. I know you are developing new market, want to enter a scope of operation in the United States especially; because such, you need an active, business delegate that agrees to be in charge of. I am in company of things of magical kitchen utensils and appliances 5 years of the job, the market that is in the product the United States is had rate rose 25% , this enough proves I am capable to the product is marketted in place.

If can enter you to work, that will be the big the main chance of study. I hope to be able to become a of company of Action electric equipment. Thank.
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